How to install WordPress?

To make a website in WordPress the very first step is to download wordpress core setup from WordPress.Org

STEP 1. Download the zip file from here

STEP 2. Extract th zip file and go to /wamp/www/ folder in your system and create a folder by name of your website and paste all the files inside this folder

STEP 3. Create a database for your new website

STEP 4. Now open your site in any browser to install WordPress
example (http://localhost/wordpress/) replace wordpress with your sitename

STEP 5. Select default language for your site and click continue button.

STEP 6. Your screen will look like below image, fill all the details your database name, username, password (leave this blank if you don’t have password ) and submit.

STEP 7. Click on run install button.

STEP 8. Next fill all information like your Site Title, admin user name and password you will use to login to your website, email address to fet notifications on. Search engine visibility: You can check the box to hide your site from search engine and click install button.

Well done! you have sucessfully installed WordPress

Visit http://localhost/wordpress/wp-login.php or http://localhost/wordpresss/wp-admin and user your username and password to login to admin section
(above url is just example replace it with your site URL)


  • You need to have WAMP/XAMPP server installed(for windows) and LAMP server (for linux)
  • If you installed WAMP Server path will be /wamp/www/yourfolder
  • If you installed XAMPP Server path will be /xamp/htdocs/yourfolder

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