How to add Google Analytics tracking code in WordPress Website

The easiest way to add Google analytics tracking code in your WordPress website is by installing Google Analytics for WordPress plugin on your website.

The plugin is simple to install:

  1. Download
  2. Upload analytics-for-wp directory to your /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Go to the plugin menu page and activate the plugin.
  4. Add your Google Analytics Tracking code from the Anlytics for WP settings page as you can see in below screenshot.


Alternatively you can also add your tracking code by pasting just before the closing head in header.php file of active theme.


4 thoughts on “How to add Google Analytics tracking code in WordPress Website

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  1. Good morning. I have installed your Google Analytics plugin on our web page (WordPress). I entered the appropriate tracking number assigned by Google for my account. I am getting no data or tracking statistics. Data is flowing reliably to my Google Analytics account (same tracking number), but nothing is being posted to our WordPress account. Any ideas? Thank you!


      1. Dear Aman: Disable tracking for the Point of Care Systems Website has always been set to NO on the WordPress Analytics Plugin. No Tracking is taking place. Disable tracking set to YES would be something I would look for first before I contacted you. That would be too obvious. I very much need an answer. Sincerely, Tom Modeen, VP Marketing and Sales. Point of Care Systems

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  2. Mine wasn’t connecting either and I went back into AdWords and at the very top of the screen it said that “Google Analytics was not detected click here to get started” so I clicked on it and there was a tab to scan the website for the ID. I did the scan and it detected the ID on the website and boom up and running!


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