How to Manage Page or Post Revisions in WordPress

WordPress has a revision feature which saves post revisions which is useful if you want to rollback to previous verion of your page/post but saving many revisions of posts will consume extra space in your database which can also affect performance of your live site, but if we can avoid it by controlling the number of revisions or disabling it.


WordPress Login Error: Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output

When you are opening siteurl/wp-admin and it is showing blank page and when you try siteurl/wp-login.php it is showing Error: "Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output" and you are unable to login to your site. This error can occur due to many reasons. Lets debug it to find out what is the issue causing this.... Continue Reading →

How to Create Multiple Custom User Roles in WordPress

WordPress comes with five default user roles. Administrator: This user has access to all the administrative features and functions within a site. Editor: This user can manage posts of all users and publish their own also. Author: This user can only publish posts and manage posts published by them. Contributor: This user can write posts... Continue Reading →

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